Ultragenic turns One

This January we celebrated Ultragenic’s first anniversary. As we look back at the year that was, especially in the backdrop of the disruptions caused by Covid19, there is a collective sense of achievement and pride in what we have been able to create as a team. There is also a reinforced sense of determination and optimism on the road ahead for Ultragenic, and how we can continue to make the difference we sought to create when we started.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Ultragenic was born out of our firm belief that the most effective means of addressing the long-standing challenges of the life sciences industry lay in developing solutions in an organization model, which combined domain expertise, system knowledge and deep technology. Our single line vision statement is to create meaningful and positive impact towards patient safety outcomes.

Despite challenges faced due to Covid19 over most of last year, not just in our level and depth of direct engagement with customers, but also in internal team interaction, we were successful in charting our path as an organization and hitting some key milestones along the way.

It has been an incredible first year.


At the organizational level, we have been successful in aligning the fundamentals of our business, including QMS creation, IT security architecture, Product Engineering and Services Methodologies, technology stack selection and architecture of our products, and a product roadmap.

Our core team is now 40 strong with expertise in Project management, Engineering, Configuration, Data Migration, Validation, QA and Business Operations. Additionally, we have a large global resource base through our partnerships in EU, US and Japan. These partnerships have been cultivated not only with the view of furthering the business but also delivering projects.


We have launched 3 products with a few more in the development stage. Our product portfolio at present, includes:

UltraREG – A framework to address evolving regulatory needs with a dynamic form and paper, electronic reporting framework, e.g., PMDA JMDR, Korea.

UltraMIG – A proprietary data migration automation tool, capable of Data Extracts, E2B migrations and Database to Database migration. It has already had 8 successful production runs.

UltraINTAKE – An automated case intake platform. This is positioned to be an important release in the coming year, as it fills a long-standing gap in the industry. Upto 40% of case processing effort still goes in manual feeding of information from sources such as forms and images. UltraINTAKE automates the process, making it far more efficient, freeing up resources and leading to significant cost savings. UltraINTAKE’s Email attachment intake module has already been deployed for a client.


We have partnered with 6 clients, including Tier 1s, CROs and generic pharmas. We have won three major Argus upgrade projects and have deployed our proprietary tool UltraMIG for 8 data migrations/extractions so far.

The possibilities over the next few years

Covid 19 has highlighted the need for increased surveillance in the Pharma domain. With vaccines being developed and marketed in record time, the need for post-market surveillance has never been more important. Enhanced signaling, risk management and global communication have gained even more significance in these times. Focus in the coming years will be on building platforms that can assess this in a proactive and easy way. We at Ultragenic are keenly clued into this aspect of PV and are privileged to be contributing to this once in a lifetime endeavor.

At the organization level, we have been able to build a strong core with experts in key disciplines. Our immediate focus is on building more strength in areas of deep technology and further strengthening our global alliances.

We express our gratitude to everyone who has been a part of the Ultragenic story so far, from our colleagues to our partners, clients, families and well-wishers. We believe we have taken some firm strides and are looking forward to, what we are sure, is poised to be an even more exciting and eventful year ahead. Stay tuned!

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