Everything happens for a reason

We often hear “Everything happens for a reason”. Illusional and debatable, isn’t it? I believe that authenticity of this statement is decided by the faith in one’s intuition and ability to read hints given by the secret power running this universe.

A year ago, I found myself facing the crossroads of my career. Till that point, I had full conviction that degrees, titles and certificates were mere pieces of paper. What mattered most was one’s knowledge. However, after years of accumulating knowledge, I found superiors and colleagues not fully trusting of my approach to problem-solving or my decisions. It made me wonder if it were because of the lack of being associated with big names, which was affecting my credibility with them? My mind was buzzing with questions – Should I leave the PV industry? Should I prepare for a tech giant like Google or Amazon, which will give me that elusive credibility in other’s eyes? Or should I become a free-agent? Questions were rushing by like formula 1 cars on a racetrack.

A conversation that changed everything

It was during this period of uncertainty in my career, when I was fortunate to cross paths with Amit Jain. During our conversation, I found Amit’s words validating my own thoughts, which gave me unexplainable confidence and assurance. Inside of that single meeting, I knew what I had to do. It was like a gentle push from the universe guiding me towards the path I was meant to take, and I could not ignore it. I joined Ultragenic in January of 2020 to double the team count to 2.

It has been extremely gratifying to build an organization from the ground-up. Amit has been a reservoir of knowledge – be it management, planning or life experiences. My ideas have been welcomed. At times, they have been rationally challenged. But they have never been ignored. Ultragenic is like a laboratory, where I am free to experiment and express myself.

The vision takes shape

After a few months we added a third team member, Suraj. He is energetic, confident and ultra-positive. Although we entered Covid-forced lockdown soon after and in-person meetings stopped, it has not impacted our coordination. We did not let it overwhelm us. As they say, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’, we found ours in these dark stormy clouds. We had more focused time, no travel and could balance our work and family time. It allowed us to be more productive.

Pravin joined Ultragenic as CEO in July of 2020, which gave a further boost to us as an organization and doubled the assurance about my decision. There has been accelerated growth since then.

Later Nitin joined the team. He and I have collaborated on developing a very successful product called UltraMIG. Nitin is great at managing teams and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ultragenic has given me a strong platform to work on various products addressing the PV needs of today. We are working on several more products, which have great potential to be gamechangers for the industry.

As we complete 18 months, it is amazing to see a team size of 50 exceptionally talented colleagues, who have all come together remotely. This says a lot about the strength of Ultragenic’s leadership.

Much to look forward to

It may still be early days for us, but I strongly believe in Ultragenic’s vision, leadership, and our team. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and we have started ours with a very strong first step!

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