Ultragenic delivers error-free E2B Migration through its Automated Data Migration tool, UltraMIG, for a leading Pharmaceutical Company.

Case Study

Ultragenic delivers error-free E2B Migration through its Automated Data Migration tool, UltraMIG, for a leading Pharmaceutical Company.

The Challenge

The client, a leading pharmaceutical company, needed an E2B migration solution. They had a DLP (Data Lock Point) obligation to submit a periodic report to relevant authorities, which necessitated that their E2B migration process be completed within a span of 5 to 6 weeks (a third of the standard timeframe of an E2B migration process).

Key Deliverables

  • Migration of source E2B files received from the client
  • Migration of non-E2B data
  • Migration of source documents
  • Migration of Submissions
Our Approach (Solution)

A manual E2B migration is a laborious process, which involves the following key steps – checking of source data for any errors, mapping of this data and defining the requirements, development of logic and coding, testing, validation and then the final production.

With the E2B Migration module of our proprietary and fully automated Data Migration Tool, UltraMIG, we have automated the initial steps of this E2B migration process fully. While we still follow the same step-wise process as in a manual E2B migration, the time taken to complete the steps from source data checking, data mapping to defining the requirements has been reduced by over 70%. In this case as well the process which may have taken upto 7-8 weeks, was completed within a span of a little over a week. This, when the quality of data received was not the best and UltraMIG’s in-built framework helped us clean the data in quick time.

This was followed by the customized development based on the unique requirements defined along with the client. Even in this step, the deployment of UltraMIG enabled us to automate the coding process by using the inbuilt frameworks in UltraMIG, which eliminated human errors.

We were able to deliver the E2B Migration within the timeframe of 6 weeks given to us, achieving 100% accuracy in results and over 40% cost savings for the client.

Client Benefits

40% +

Cost Saving

60% +

Time Efficiency



Extensive and readable logging

With UltraMIG automating 90% of any E2B Migration, and its in-built framework making it easy for customization to be achieved through standard code, the team deploying the solution need not be coding experts. It allowed for optimized utilization of resources, both at the solution provider level (Ultragenic) and the client level (Pharma Company). This, along with a substantially reduced delivery timeline resulted in significant cost savings for the client. Another by-product of this automated process was that it brought a level of predictability to the quality of the final output, which was re-assuring for the client. UltraMIG also generated all the logs in easily readable format (unlike the manual process, where the logs are generated in code), which made the process easy to understand and monitor for the client’s business teams.

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