Ultra Utsav 2021 – Team to Tribe

Ultragenic has a culture of celebrating moments and making every achievement – big or small – a special occasion. We had been feeling a bit stifled in the post-covid times, given the challenges of limited in-person engagement with team members and knowing we had so many wonderful achievements to celebrate.

This December, as soon as we saw a brief respite from Covid, we decided to organize our inaugural Ultragenic team offsite, aptly titled “Ultra Utsav 2021”. Since it was going to be nothing short of a regal celebration, what better location than Rajasthan and what better venue than a Grand Fort.

Three fun-filled days of engaging team activities, entertainment and learning were beautifully wrapped into a well-conceived theme of “Team to Tribe”. Ultragenic has grown significantly in this era of work-from-home and the offsite was a great occasion to bring all the team members together, break the covid-barrier and increase bonding – not just with each other but also with the organization, its values and the larger purpose.

Here we share a few glimpses from the various activities, which filled these three unforgettable days.

The Tribal Carnival – fun-filled games that got us going.

Talent Show – a remarkable showcasing the talents of Ultragenic team, from mimicry to dance, music and play-acting.

Live Performance by music group “Arzz” – had the team grooving to their scintillating music over cocktail and dinner

Townhall – the leadership team shared a review of our achievements over the past year and the roadmap for the journey ahead.

Tribal Games – super energetic team building games brought the theme “Team to Tribe” to the fore, and we were left wanting more!

Dance Performance – our hosts, Fort Tijara, took us on a cultural journey through the dance performance by the ever-graceful Kavita Dwivedi and her team, who explained the various expressions (Abhinaya) and mudras in motion language.

Laughter and Dance to round it all up – A laugh riot by stand-up comic Rajat Chauhan was followed by some high-octane DJ music. Thoroughly entertaining.

Tribal Walk – We rounded off the first Ultra Utsav with an invigorating morning trek, all refreshed for the journey ahead.

Loads of fun, laughter, entertainment, bonding and learning were packed into this seemingly short but long-awaited celebration of us. We came together as a Team, but we left as a Tribe.


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